Fieldguide Birds of the World

Old World Flycatchers Muscicapidae

White-gorgeted FlycatcherAnthipes monileger (17)
Rufous-browed FlycatcherAnthipes solitaris (16)
Chat FlycatcherBradornis infuscatus (8)
Mariqua FlycatcherBradornis mariquensis (22)
Grayish FlycatcherBradornis microrhynchus (23)
Pale FlycatcherBradornis pallidus (27)
Siberian RubythroatCalliope calliope (52)
Black-throated Blue RobinCalliope obscura (3)
FirethroatCalliope pectardens (4)
White-tailed RubythroatCalliope pectoralis (29)
Sombre ChatCercomela dubia (1)
Familiar ChatCercomela familiaris (37)
Indian ChatCercomela fusca (20)
BlackstartCercomela melanura (19)
Karoo ChatCercomela schlegelii (8)
Brown-tailed ChatCercomela scotocerca (5)
Sicklewing ChatCercomela sinuata (2)
Moorland ChatCercomela sordida (11)
Tractrac ChatCercomela tractrac (15)
Miombo Scrub-robinCercotrichas barbata (8)
Karoo Scrub-robinCercotrichas coryphaeus (10)
Rufous-tailed Scrub-robinCercotrichas galactotes (37)
Brown-backed Scrub-robinCercotrichas hartlaubi (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cercotrichas hartlaubi
Red-backed Scrub-robinCercotrichas leucophrys (45)
Forest Scrub-robinCercotrichas leucosticta (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cercotrichas leucosticta
African Scrub-robinCercotrichas minor (2)
Kalahari Scrub-robinCercotrichas paena (20)
Black Scrub-robinCercotrichas podobe (3)
Bearded Scrub-robinCercotrichas quadrivirgata (18)
Brown Scrub-robinCercotrichas signata (5)
Collared Palm-thrushCichladusa arquata (19)
Spotted Morning-thrushCichladusa guttata (18)
Rufous-tailed Palm-thrushCichladusa ruficauda (7)
Sunda RobinCinclidium diana (4)
Blue-fronted RobinCinclidium frontale (2)
White-tailed RobinCinclidium leucurum (33)
Javan CochoaCochoa azurea (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cochoa azurea
Sumatran CochoaCochoa beccarii (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cochoa beccarii
Purple CochoaCochoa purpurea (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cochoa purpurea
Green CochoaCochoa viridis (1)
Andaman ShamaCopsychus albiventris (2)
Madagascar Magpie-robinCopsychus albospecularis (26)
Black ShamaCopsychus cebuensis (1)
Indian RobinCopsychus fulicatus (32)
White-browed ShamaCopsychus luzoniensis (6)
White-rumped ShamaCopsychus malabaricus (101)
Philippine Magpie-robinCopsychus mindanensis (1)
White-vented ShamaCopsychus niger (2)
Rufous-tailed ShamaCopsychus pyrropygus (1)
Oriental Magpie-robinCopsychus saularis (223)
Seychelles Magpie-robinCopsychus sechellarum (7)
Visayan ShamaCopsychus superciliaris (1)
White-crowned Robin-chatCossypha albicapillus (4)
Olive-flanked Robin-chatCossypha anomala (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cossypha anomala
Archer's Robin-chatCossypha archeri (1)
Cape Robin-chatCossypha caffra (48)
Blue-shouldered Robin-chatCossypha cyanocampter (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cossypha cyanocampter
Chorister Robin-chatCossypha dichroa (13)
White-headed Robin-chatCossypha heinrichi (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cossypha heinrichi
White-browed Robin-chatCossypha heuglini (47)
White-throated Robin-chatCossypha humeralis (17)
Mountain Robin-chatCossypha isabellae (3)
Red-capped Robin-chatCossypha natalensis (19)
Snowy-crowned Robin-chatCossypha niveicapilla (14)
Gray-winged Robin-chatCossypha polioptera (3)
Rueppell's Robin-chatCossypha semirufa (13)
White-bellied Robin-chatCossyphicula roberti (2)
Gray-headed Canary-flycatcherCulicicapa ceylonensis (35)
Citrine Canary-flycatcherCulicicapa helianthea (4)
Zappey's FlycatcherCyanoptila cumatilis (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cyanoptila cumatilis
Blue-and-white FlycatcherCyanoptila cyanomelana (31)
Hill Blue-flycatcherCyornis banyumas (22)
Brown-chested Jungle-flycatcherCyornis brunneatus (14)
Long-billed Blue-flycatcherCyornis caerulatus (2)
Henna-tailed Jungle-flycatcherCyornis colonus (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cyornis colonus
White-tailed FlycatcherCyornis concretus (1)
Hainan Blue-flycatcherCyornis hainanus (14)
Blue-breasted FlycatcherCyornis herioti (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cyornis herioti
Blue-fronted FlycatcherCyornis hoevelli (3)
Timor Blue-flycatcherCyornis hyacinthinus (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cyornis hyacinthinus
Palawan Blue-flycatcherCyornis lemprieri (3)
Large Blue-flycatcherCyornis magnirostris (1)
Nicobar Jungle-flycatcherCyornis nicobaricus (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cyornis nicobaricus
Fulvous-chested Jungle-flycatcherCyornis olivaceus (2)
Sulawesi Blue-flycatcherCyornis omissus (2)
Flores Jungle-flycatcherCyornis oscillans (1)
White-bellied Blue-flycatcherCyornis pallipes (13)
Pale-chinned Blue-flycatcherCyornis poliogenys (1)
Blue-throated FlycatcherCyornis rubeculoides (26)
Rueck's Blue-flycatcherCyornis ruckii (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Cyornis ruckii
Chestnut-tailed Jungle-flycatcherCyornis ruficauda (1)
Mangrove Blue-flycatcherCyornis rufigastra (14)
Matinan FlycatcherCyornis sanfordi (3)
Bornean Blue-flycatcherCyornis superbus (1)
Tickell's Blue-flycatcherCyornis tickelliae (60)
Malaysian Blue-flycatcherCyornis turcosus (9)
Gray-chested Jungle-flycatcherCyornis umbratilis (2)
Pale Blue-flycatcherCyornis unicolor (7)
SilverbirdEmpidornis semipartitus (14)
Black-backed ForktailEnicurus immaculatus (4)
White-crowned ForktailEnicurus leschenaulti (6)
Spotted ForktailEnicurus maculatus (11)
Chestnut-naped ForktailEnicurus ruficapillus (7)
Slaty-backed ForktailEnicurus schistaceus (16)
Little ForktailEnicurus scouleri (27)
Sunda ForktailEnicurus velatus (7)
European RobinErithacus rubecula (219)
Buru Jungle-flycatcherEumyias additus (1)
Nilgiri FlycatcherEumyias albicaudatus (17)
Indigo FlycatcherEumyias indigo (19)
Island FlycatcherEumyias panayensis (4)
Dull-blue FlycatcherEumyias sordidus (11)
Verditer FlycatcherEumyias thalassinus (45)
Taiga FlycatcherFicedula albicilla (19)
Collared FlycatcherFicedula albicollis (33)
Little Slaty FlycatcherFicedula basilanica (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula basilanica
Lompobattang FlycatcherFicedula bonthaina (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula bonthaina
Cinnamon-chested FlycatcherFicedula buruensis (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula buruensis
Russet-tailed FlycatcherFicedula crypta (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula crypta
Furtive FlycatcherFicedula disposita (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula disposita
Rufous-chested FlycatcherFicedula dumetoria (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula dumetoria
Green-backed FlycatcherFicedula elisae (6)
Sumba FlycatcherFicedula harterti (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula harterti
Damar FlycatcherFicedula henrici (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula henrici
Pygmy Blue-flycatcherFicedula hodgsoni (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula hodgsoni
Snowy-browed FlycatcherFicedula hyperythra (42)
European Pied FlycatcherFicedula hypoleuca (128)
Bundok FlycatcherFicedula luzoniensis (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula luzoniensis
Mugimaki FlycatcherFicedula mugimaki (38)
Narcissus FlycatcherFicedula narcissina (36)
Black-and-rufous FlycatcherFicedula nigrorufa (19)
Red-breasted FlycatcherFicedula parva (78)
Palawan FlycatcherFicedula platenae (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula platenae
Tanimbar FlycatcherFicedula riedeli (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Ficedula riedeli
Rufous-throated FlycatcherFicedula rufigula (1)
Sapphire FlycatcherFicedula sapphira (1)
Semicollared FlycatcherFicedula semitorquata (5)
Slaty-backed FlycatcherFicedula sordida (2)
Atlas FlycatcherFicedula speculigera (1)
Rufous-gorgeted FlycatcherFicedula strophiata (20)
Kashmir FlycatcherFicedula subrubra (4)
Ultramarine FlycatcherFicedula superciliaris (16)
Black-banded FlycatcherFicedula timorensis (1)
Slaty-blue FlycatcherFicedula tricolor (10)
Little Pied FlycatcherFicedula westermanni (38)
Korean FlycatcherFicedula zanthopygia (38)
White-browed Forest-flycatcherFraseria cinerascens (3)
African Forest-flycatcherFraseria ocreata (4)
GrandalaGrandala coelicolor (4)
Grand Comoro FlycatcherHumblotia flavirostris (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Humblotia flavirostris
White-throated RobinIrania gutturalis (19)
Japanese RobinLarvivora akahige (12)
Indian Blue RobinLarvivora brunnea (12)
Siberian Blue RobinLarvivora cyane (37)
Ryukyu RobinLarvivora komadori (8)
Rufous-headed RobinLarvivora ruficeps (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Larvivora ruficeps
Rufous-tailed RobinLarvivora sibilans (13)
Thrush NightingaleLuscinia luscinia (30)
Common NightingaleLuscinia megarhynchos (63)
White-bellied RedstartLuscinia phaenicuroides (8)
BluethroatLuscinia svecica (232)
Nimba FlycatcherMelaenornis annamarulae (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Melaenornis annamarulae
Yellow-eyed Black-flycatcherMelaenornis ardesiacus (2)
Angola Slaty-flycatcherMelaenornis brunneus (1)
Abyssinian Slaty-flycatcherMelaenornis chocolatinus (13)
Northern Black-flycatcherMelaenornis edolioides (21)
White-eyed Slaty-flycatcherMelaenornis fischeri (31)
Southern Black-flycatcherMelaenornis pammelaina (27)
Dusky-brown FlycatcherMuscicapa adusta (60)
Swamp FlycatcherMuscicapa aquatica (23)
Boehm's FlycatcherMuscicapa boehmi (10)
Ashy FlycatcherMuscicapa caerulescens (29)
Cassin's FlycatcherMuscicapa cassini (7)
Dusky-blue FlycatcherMuscicapa comitata (7)
Little FlycatcherMuscicapa epulata (1)
Ferruginous FlycatcherMuscicapa ferruginea (18)
Gambaga FlycatcherMuscicapa gambagae (3)
Gray-streaked FlycatcherMuscicapa griseisticta (25)
Sooty FlycatcherMuscicapa infuscata (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Muscicapa infuscata
Asian Brown FlycatcherMuscicapa latirostris (55)
Chapin's FlycatcherMuscicapa lendu (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Muscicapa lendu
Brown-breasted FlycatcherMuscicapa muttui (18)
Olivaceous FlycatcherMuscicapa olivascens (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Muscicapa olivascens
Ashy-breasted FlycatcherMuscicapa randi (1)
Rusty-tailed FlycatcherMuscicapa ruficauda (6)
Sumba Brown FlycatcherMuscicapa segregata (3)
Yellow-footed FlycatcherMuscicapa sethsmithi (4)
Dark-sided FlycatcherMuscicapa sibirica (34)
Sulawesi Streaked FlycatcherMuscicapa sodhi (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Muscicapa sodhi
Spotted FlycatcherMuscicapa striata (182)
Tessmann's FlycatcherMuscicapa tessmanni (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Muscicapa tessmanni
Ussher's FlycatcherMuscicapa ussheri (1)
Brown-streaked FlycatcherMuscicapa williamsoni (8)
Gray-throated Tit-flycatcherMyioparus griseigularis (2)
Gray Tit-flycatcherMyioparus plumbeus (12)
Northern Anteater-chatMyrmecocichla aethiops (14)
White-fronted Black-chatMyrmecocichla albifrons (6)
White-headed Black-chatMyrmecocichla arnotti (16)
Ruaha ChatMyrmecocichla collaris (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Myrmecocichla collaris
Southern Anteater-chatMyrmecocichla formicivora (34)
Rueppell's ChatMyrmecocichla melaena (5)
Sooty ChatMyrmecocichla nigra (24)
Congo MoorchatMyrmecocichla tholloni (5)
Herero ChatNamibornis herero (4)
Fujian NiltavaNiltava davidi (9)
Large NiltavaNiltava grandis (48)
Small NiltavaNiltava macgrigoriae (18)
Rufous-vented NiltavaNiltava sumatrana (1)
Rufous-bellied NiltavaNiltava sundara (21)
Vivid NiltavaNiltava vivida (20)
Hume's WheatearOenanthe albonigra (9)
Red-breasted WheatearOenanthe bottae (4)
Cyprus WheatearOenanthe cypriaca (10)
Desert WheatearOenanthe deserti (64)
Finsch's WheatearOenanthe finschii (8)
Heuglin's WheatearOenanthe heuglini (3)
Black-eared WheatearOenanthe hispanica (56)
Isabelline WheatearOenanthe isabellina (47)
White-tailed WheatearOenanthe leucopyga (31)
Black WheatearOenanthe leucura (20)
Mourning WheatearOenanthe lugens (28)
Arabian WheatearOenanthe lugentoides (8)
Abyssinian WheatearOenanthe lugubris (7)
Red-rumped WheatearOenanthe moesta (18)
Hooded WheatearOenanthe monacha (11)
Mountain WheatearOenanthe monticola (20)
Northern WheatearOenanthe oenanthe (247)
Somali WheatearOenanthe phillipsi (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Oenanthe phillipsi
Variable WheatearOenanthe picata (15)
Capped WheatearOenanthe pileata (26)
Pied WheatearOenanthe pleschanka (43)
Red-tailed WheatearOenanthe xanthoprymna (13)
Ala Shan RedstartPhoenicurus alaschanicus (1)
Daurian RedstartPhoenicurus auroreus (101)
Luzon RedstartPhoenicurus bicolor (2)
Blue-capped RedstartPhoenicurus caeruleocephala (16)
White-winged RedstartPhoenicurus erythrogastrus (38)
Rufous-backed RedstartPhoenicurus erythronotus (25)
Blue-fronted RedstartPhoenicurus frontalis (41)
Plumbeous RedstartPhoenicurus fuliginosus (63)
Hodgson's RedstartPhoenicurus hodgsoni (12)
White-capped RedstartPhoenicurus leucocephalus (42)
Moussier's RedstartPhoenicurus moussieri (17)
Black RedstartPhoenicurus ochruros (245)
Common RedstartPhoenicurus phoenicurus (95)
White-throated RedstartPhoenicurus schisticeps (3)
Boulder ChatPinarornis plumosus (8)
White-starred RobinPogonocichla stellata (17)
Buff-streaked BushchatSaxicola bifasciatus (18)
Pied BushchatSaxicola caprata (80)
Fuerteventura StonechatSaxicola dacotiae (21)
Gray BushchatSaxicola ferreus (51)
Timor BushchatSaxicola gutturalis (1)
White-throated BushchatSaxicola insignis (1)
Jerdon's BushchatSaxicola jerdoni (3)
White-tailed StonechatSaxicola leucurus (12)
White-browed BushchatSaxicola macrorhynchus (10)
Siberian StonechatSaxicola maurus (67)
WhinchatSaxicola rubetra (91)
European StonechatSaxicola rubicola (236)
Reunion StonechatSaxicola tectes (19)
African StonechatSaxicola torquatus (191)
Equatorial AkalatSheppardia aequatorialis (5)
Rubeho AkalatSheppardia aurantiithorax (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Sheppardia aurantiithorax
Bocage's AkalatSheppardia bocagei (3)
Lowland AkalatSheppardia cyornithopsis (2)
Gabela AkalatSheppardia gabela (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Sheppardia gabela
East Coast AkalatSheppardia gunningi (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Sheppardia gunningi
Iringa AkalatSheppardia lowei (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Sheppardia lowei
Usambara AkalatSheppardia montana (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Sheppardia montana
Sharpe's AkalatSheppardia sharpei (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Sheppardia sharpei
Fiscal FlycatcherSigelus silens (28)
Fairy FlycatcherStenostira scita (6)
Forest RobinStiphrornis erythrothorax (1)
Swynnerton's RobinSwynnertonia swynnertoni (3)
Dohrn's Thrush-babblerSylvia dohrni (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Sylvia dohrni
Golden Bush-robinTarsiger chrysaeus (11)
Red-flanked BluetailTarsiger cyanurus (136)
Rufous-breasted Bush-robinTarsiger hyperythrus (2)
White-browed Bush-robinTarsiger indicus (8)
Collared Bush-robinTarsiger johnstoniae (14)
Himalayan BluetailTarsiger rufilatus (17)
Mocking Cliff-chatThamnolaea cinnamomeiventris (34)
White-winged Cliff-chatThamnolaea semirufa (7)
Negros Jungle-flycatcherVauriella albigularis (1)
Mindanao Jungle-flycatcherVauriella goodfellowi (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Vauriella goodfellowi
Eyebrowed Jungle-flycatcherVauriella gularis (5)
Rusty-flanked Jungle-flycatcherVauriella insignis (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Vauriella insignis
Angola Cave-chatXenocopsychus ansorgei (1)