Fieldguide Birds of the World

Wagtails and Pipits Motacillidae

South Georgia PipitAnthus antarcticus (3)
Berthelot's PipitAnthus berthelotii (48)
Paramo PipitAnthus bogotensis (4)
Short-tailed PipitAnthus brachyurus (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Anthus brachyurus
Bush PipitAnthus caffer (2)
Tawny PipitAnthus campestris (30)
Red-throated PipitAnthus cervinus (37)
Pampas PipitAnthus chacoensis (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Anthus chacoensis
African PipitAnthus cinnamomeus (46)
Correndera PipitAnthus correndera (24)
Yellow-tufted PipitAnthus crenatus (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Anthus crenatus
Short-billed PipitAnthus furcatus (10)
Blyth's PipitAnthus godlewskii (3)
Pechora PipitAnthus gustavi (6)
Alpine PipitAnthus gutturalis (2)
Hellmayr's PipitAnthus hellmayri (14)
Olive-backed PipitAnthus hodgsoni (57)
Mountain PipitAnthus hoeschi (4)
Jackson's PipitAnthus latistriatus (2)
Plain-backed PipitAnthus leucophrys (24)
Striped PipitAnthus lineiventris (7)
Yellowish PipitAnthus lutescens (20)
Malindi PipitAnthus melindae (1)
Ochre-breasted PipitAnthus nattereri (3)
Nilgiri PipitAnthus nilghiriensis (5)
Australasian PipitAnthus novaeseelandiae (57)
Woodland PipitAnthus nyassae (9)
Long-legged PipitAnthus pallidiventris (3)
Rock PipitAnthus petrosus (104)
Meadow PipitAnthus pratensis (213)
Richard's PipitAnthus richardi (24)
Rosy PipitAnthus roseatus (20)
American PipitAnthus rubescens (69)
Paddyfield PipitAnthus rufulus (53)
Long-billed PipitAnthus similis (18)
Sokoke PipitAnthus sokokensis (2)
Water PipitAnthus spinoletta (68)
Sprague's PipitAnthus spragueii (8)
Upland PipitAnthus sylvanus (1)
Tree PipitAnthus trivialis (55)
Buffy PipitAnthus vaalensis (6)
Forest WagtailDendronanthus indicus (12)
Yellow-breasted PipitHemimacronyx chloris (3)
Sharpe's LongclawHemimacronyx sharpei (4)
Rosy-throated LongclawMacronyx ameliae (18)
Pangani LongclawMacronyx aurantiigula (3)
Orange-throated LongclawMacronyx capensis (27)
Yellow-throated LongclawMacronyx croceus (47)
Abyssinian LongclawMacronyx flavicollis (10)
Fuelleborn's LongclawMacronyx fuelleborni (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Macronyx fuelleborni
Grimwood's LongclawMacronyx grimwoodi (0)Try Google, Avibase or Flickr Macronyx grimwoodi
African Pied WagtailMotacilla aguimp (54)
White WagtailMotacilla alba (208)
Cape WagtailMotacilla capensis (32)
Gray WagtailMotacilla cinerea (139)
Citrine WagtailMotacilla citreola (59)
Mountain WagtailMotacilla clara (31)
Western Yellow WagtailMotacilla flava (273)
Madagascar WagtailMotacilla flaviventris (7)
Japanese WagtailMotacilla grandis (15)
White-browed WagtailMotacilla maderaspatensis (34)
Mekong WagtailMotacilla samveasnae (1)
Eastern Yellow WagtailMotacilla tschutschensis (12)
Golden PipitTmetothylacus tenellus (1)